Vivienne tam

Vivienne Tam was a real brand store, released in the Starplaza during the Summer of 2008. Vivienne Tam is a Chinese fashion designer, residing in New York City. Her designs are inspired by Chinese culture, design and modern fashion. The first collection included three unique floors with pieces from the famous brand. In May 2009, the store was closed for renovations, which back then, meant that a store was getting a new floor. In June 2009, the store was reopened along with a floor for Vivenne Tam's second collection, which included more real brand clothing items. The prices on this floor were double the items on the other floors. The store stayed in its current state for a year, until it was removed in May 2010, not long after a 50% off sale.

  • The first collection of Vivenne Tam
  • The first collection of Vivenne Tam
  • The first collection of Vivenne Tam
  • The store was closed for renovations
  • An additional floor was added
  • The 50% off sale, hailing Vivenne Tam's removal

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