Three types of memberships on Stardoll- Regular (create a new account to see), Superstar and Royalty. SS (Superstar) and RT (Royalty) must require Real World Payment!


These are common. Recognizable by a gold star, they are the most common of the paid memberships.


Royalty's are the status above superstars. You can get royalty after completing one year of superstar membership ( you can have break's between mounths).

As a Royalty you get all the feautures as the Superstar's but also get a different frame for your doll ( the diamond one), acess to the Royalty Stardoll club and an exclusive store on starplazza. Besides this you get some specials offers as you turn royality and may have special contests, promotions.

Once your Superstar membership is over the special frame will disapear and apear when you get your superstar acess again.

Once you are a Royalty you can't get back to your superstar golden frame and star.


Platinum is a special status offered by Stardoll during a limited time.

To get that you should by a special superstar package.

With that package you would get instant royalty, extra superstar days, presents and your name in a royal blue color.


These are the most common members. They have no gold star or diamond next to their name, and no extra rooms in their MAIN suite. They do not have any bonuses. When you make a new account, you will start as regular.


Superstars (SS) are the most common of the paid memberships. If you are non-upgraded, click "BECOME A SUPERSTAR" to become a superstar. You *MUST* pay for the membership in your country's currency. (dollars, pounds, euros, ETC) Superstars have the golden star next to their username and leave gold behind them on "____'s LAST VISITORS".

Superstar bonuses: 200 stardollars per month you buy, exclusive fashion, gold star next to your name. Also, you get Superstar Only features in the Beauty Parlor. They also have their entire 12-room suite for FREE. (They lose it if their days expire.)


These are the least common type of the paid memberships. You must have been SS for 365 days (one year) to become Royalty. This means buying 365 days. Royalties have a cyan diamond next to their username and leave cyan behind them on "____'s LAST VISITORS".

In addition to Superstar benefits, Royalties have their official club (Stardoll Royalty), which comes along with two gifts. They also have their own store in Starplaza exclusive for THEM only.

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