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Welcome to stardoll wiki! Fame Fashion And Friends! Edit

Stardoll is all about fame fashion and friends! Go shopping, design your hair and interior, do stardoll academy quests to earn stardollars and starcoins! It's all about yourself! Now join stardoll for free. link: We do not accept spam requests. Edit

Notes: Someone deleted the title page and it is back! Also someone added a category which doesnt belong to the stardoll property see below. Please add pictures and put more facts. Feel free to edit! Edit

Medoll: Style your medoll and buy some clothes. You can buy clothes from StarPlaza [Shop] and drag them into your doll. It is your own style! Be whatever you like. Edit

Beauty Parlor: Choose hair, Drag wigs and put makeup! Put on jewelry and paint your nails! Be creative and it's all about your style. Hair pages: 1-9 Superstar hair pages 1-5 You get free makeup when you start Stardoll! It's absolutely free! Edit

Party/Chat: Buy a party and choose one! When you join its absolute free! You can choose a party [which costes 8 stardollars for non ss] and most of them are for ss! Edit

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