Starcoins are one of two currencys on Stardoll. They are thought to be less valuable than Stardollars. Starcoins can be collected by any type of player. Starcoins are round violet coins, that have a engraved star with an octagan around it.

How to Earn

Starcoin Activities

Players can get these coins by doing certain activities & finishing tasks in Stardoll Academy. While doing these activities, you'll also earn starpoints (to a limit) to level up with.

Daily Tasks

  • Designing your own hairstyle
  • Decorating your suite
  • Creating a starmovie
  • Rating a starmovie
  • Rating a cover girl
  • Voting on the catwalk
  • Voting for the best designs
  • Playing games
  • styling their MeDoll
  • dressing up a celeb
  • rating an album
  • rating a scenery
  • voting on the daily poll
  • designing your own clothes
  • designing your own jewelry
  • designing your own furniture
  • editing your album

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