The Starbazaar is a section on Stardoll where users can buy items that are no longer sold in the Starplaza. The buying section can be accessed from the Shop tab, while the selling section can be accessed from the Design tab or the notification tab. The prices of items sold in the Starbazaar are dependent on the user who is selling it, as each user can choose their own price. You must be Level 17 before you can purchase from the Starbazaar, and only Superstars are allowed to sell items.

Buying and Selling

Bazaar buy
The main buying section of the Starbazaar features a random selection of clothes currently up for sale, in addition to several filtering options for the fashion, interior, and jewelry sections. The hair section has no filtering options as it includes only StarDesign Hair items.

The Starbazaar is typically for users who are looking to get rid of their old items, and for other users looking to buy clothes that are no longer available in the store.

Filtering options

Clicking the "Search" category in the tab to the right of the Bazaar provides several options for filtering search results. Items can be filtered by type, colour, and brand, with Starcoin and Stardollar limits available for each option. Each search will only uncover a small selection of items, so the same search filters usually need to be searched several times to find all the available items.

User Bazaars


In addition to all items being sold showing up in the main Starbazaar, each doll has a personal Starbazaar section on their page. This section shows all the items that user is selling, including reserved items. Fashion, interior, jewelry, and hair are again in separate sections, but there is no filter feature as all the items the user is selling are automatically displayed. The reserve feature is especially handy during trades and sales to ensure that no one else buys the item.

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