Royalty Coming Soon

The Royalty Exclusive Shop is a Royalt exclusive store.

The prices go from 3 stardollars to 28 stardollars.

First collection

The first collection came out with two floors, the prices range from 4 stardollars to 28 stardollars and the collection is based on famous Royal famlily personalites such as Grace kelly, Queen of hearts, Cleopatra, Jeanne and Antoinette.

The store was only for female doll's and it didn't feature any furniture.

The clothing pieces go from dresses to jewelry to wigs.

Second collection

The second collection came out with only one floor and it was asian inspired. The prices range from 3 stardollars to 28 stardollars.

The store continued to be for only female doll's and this time feature with some furniture also asian inspired.

Third collection

The third collection came out with only one floor and it was featured a more natural royal life having as scenario a beautiful garden.

The prices range from 7 stardollars to 18 stardollars. Most of the pieces were dresses but there were also shoes and one pair of sunglasses.

It came out with some furniture more children themed.

Fourth collection

This was the last collection to came out and it was named diferently " Royalty Queens of pop". As the name says this collection was themed on pop stars famous outfits.

The prices range from 4 stardollars to 16 stardollars.

Altough this was another only female collection it feature female outfits inspired by male artists such as Boy George, Michael Jackson and Kurt Colbain.

The store has aldo inspired outfits by Katy Perry, Madonna and a random "Diva" outfit.

There was no furniture on this collection.

This collection feature a bug on it's early begging, the "Michael Jacket" was availble for eveyone to buy. This bug is fixed by now.

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