Hot Buys Weekly Week Two

Hot Buy's Weekly's second week contained lolita-themed clothing much similar to the Sunny Bunny fashion store. This week had five items.

Hot Buys Skull Lolita BarretteHot Buys Gothic Lolita TopHot Buys Gothic Lolita TightsHot Buys Strappy PlatformsHot Buys Teal Tutu Skirt


  • Hot Buys Skull Lolita Barette 10Stardollar (was 10Starcoin for the first couple of days, they must of made a mistake!)
  • Hot Buys Gothic Lolita Top 20Stardollar
  • Hot Buys Teal Tutu Skirt 18Stardollar
  • Hot Buys Gothic Lolita Tights 12Stardollar
  • Hot Buys Strappy Platforms 14Stardollar

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