Harrods was an exclusive store full of real brand clothing, which was separate from the Starplaza. Over the course of a few weeks, Harrods released ten different brands.

Harrods Stores

  • Harrods
  • Cloé
  • John Galliano Kids
  • Junior Gaultier
  • Miss Grant
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Rykiel Enfant
  • Scotch R'Belle
  • SuperTrash
  • Young Versace


  • Harrods Shoe Tee Mens--Fifty Starcoins
  • Harrods Girls Tee Mens--Fifty Starcoins


  • Harrods Girls Shoe Tee--Fifty Starcoins
  • Harrods Girls Tee--Fifty Starcoins


  • Simon--Seventeen Stardollars
  • Fiona--Seventeen Stardollars
  • Harrods Display Rack--Five Stardollars

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