Cut it promo stardoll

Promotional graphics for Cut it

Cut it was a mobile app created by Stardoll that was released on August 4th, 2011, and discontinued sometime in 2013. Initially released on the Android Market, 'Cut it' was the first puzzle game created by Stardoll, and was available worldwide. Due to its lack of players and its decline in popularity, Stardoll chose to remove the app from both Android and Apple markets. The graphics of the game were described by Stardoll as 'kawaii', which referenced the cute and playful nature of the app.

With over 50 different levels, the user played as a pair of scissors, and by tilting, tapping or swiping the screen, the scissors moved to cut fabric. Cutting the fabric revealed images underneath, and revealing the entire image completed the level. As the levels progressed, power ups and obstacles became more abundant and got in the way of the fabric, making it increasingly more difficult.

Cut it promo

Promotional page for Cut it on Stardoll's website

Completing levels awarded users with exclusive jewelry pieces from Sunny Bunny that were sent directly to the users Stardoll suite. These items were not available anywhere else, and provided an incentive for users to play and download the game. Up to 20 pieces of jewelry were available to unlock, but since the removal of the game, these promotional items no longer work. Users with access to the game are no longer allowed to receive the items, but it can continue to be played.

Jelly Mushroom

Jelly mushroom

The Jelly Mushroom

Before Cut it's release, an item known as the Jelly Mushroom was placed in the suites of all users. The reason for the item being sent was unknown at the time, and many speculated it to be some kind of spying device. The Jelly Mushroom was a purple moving mushroom with white spots and black rimmed glasses. After a few days of confusion, the app was announced through Stardoll's blog and through a separate promotional page on the website.