Callie.Stardoll is the principal owner of the Stardoll page. When you create an account, Callie leaves a welcome message in your suite. She's also the most well-known MeDoll in all Stardoll. She won the Covergirl competition twice. You can visit her suite and rate (vote) her doll, scenery and album you can leave messages on her album & scenery but not her guest book. And you cannot send her gifts. Once you get your first message in your Suite (Even if it's yours), Callie's welcome message will be automatically deleted. Her page & all other stardoll employees have a purple stamp to prove they are genuine employees of stardoll. Her best friends are mainly stardoll employees too.


Callie.Stardoll's best friends are:

  • Ragdha.Stardoll,
  • Daphne.Stardoll,
  • GiuGiu.Stardoll,
  • Maite.Stardoll,
  • Mette.Stardoll,
  • and Oona.Stardoll.

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