Baby phat

Baby Phat was a real brand store released in the Starplaza on October 2nd 2009, featuring clothing as well as jewelry. The collection was originally designed by Kimora Lee Simons, and included a total of 34 items. 5 special pieces of hidden jewelry were also included, with some of them being released as Hot Buys. Each item is only available for purchase through the Starbazaar since its discontinuation in June 2011.

Items and Prices

  • Draped Crop Jumpsuit,  10Stardollar
  • Beaded Halter One Piece,  18Stardollar
  • Foil Print Dress,  20Stardollar
  • Foil Print LS Dress, 20Stardollar
  • Foil Print Skinny Jeans,  12Stardollar
  • Faith Bootleg Jeans,  12Stardollar
  • Gold Kitty Print Skinny Jeans,  12Stardollar
  • Army Wash Skinny Jeans,  16Stardollar
  • Classic Black Bootleg,  12Stardollar
  • Classic Party Bag,  12Stardollar
  • Soft Grey Leather Bag,  12Stardollar
  • Teal Ruffle Trim Carry All,  14Stardollar
  • Teal Hobo Purse,  12Stardollar
  • Signature Carry All,  6Stardollar
  • Gray Mini Satchel,  14Stardollar
  • Gold Hoop Top,  14Stardollar
  • Signature Tee,  10Stardollar
  • Gold Cat Tee,  10Stardollar
  • Faith Tie Dye Tank,  12Stardollar
  • Classic Tee,  10Stardollar
  • Multi Chain Necklace,  10Stardollar
  • Gold Trim Sneakers,  9Stardollar
  • Glitzy Silver Heels,  10Stardollar
  • All Over Print Tank,  12Stardollar
  • Ruffle Trim Boots,  9Stardollar
  • Gold Strap Cork Heels, 10Stardollar
  • Casual Loafers,  6Stardollar
  • Gladiator Heels,  10Stardollar
  • Croped Denim Jacket,  16Stardollar
  • Studded White Boots,  10Stardollar
  • Strappy Sandals,  10Stardollar
  • Peep Toe Boots,  10Stardollar
  • Body Phat Pendant Necklace,  12Stardollar
  • Stacked Bangles,  5Stardollar