Apres ski logo

Apres Ski is a clothing store in the Starplaza that specialises in winter themed clothing, generally full of jackets, overcoats, sweaters and faux fur. Apres Ski was first released on December 19th, 2011, and has since had three different collections. The most recent collection was released January 16th, 2016, including an entire new floor of clothes. The clothing items in Apres Ski are sometimes inspired by various fashion designers such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Balenciaga. Each collection has stayed in the Starplaza for a long period of time, adding to the multiple floors of the Apres Ski store. The first collection included multiple Starcoin pieces, but today, a majority of the store is sold only in Stardollars, and all members are eligible to purchase items. 

  • The first Apres Ski release
  • The second release of Apres Ski
  • The second release of Apres Ski (cont.)
  • The third release of Apres Ski
  • The third release of Apres Ski (cont.)
  • The third release of Apres Ski (cont.)

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