10 yrs of stardoll

The 10 Year Anniversary page

To celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Stardoll, a '10 Days of Surprises' event was held in April 2016. The event hailed the 10 Year Anniversary of Stardoll, as the site was first created in March 2006. The celebration included its own page on the Stardoll website, titled '10 Years of Stardoll', and featured new gifts and challenges per day for 10 days, representing each year that Stardoll has been around. It was set up in a memory-lane format that highlighted all the changes and features that were introduced through the years, such as the introduction of make-up, the first Miss Stardoll World competition, and its first social media pages.

10 year bear

As well as the gift or challenge per day, Stardoll offered a 10% extra Stardollar package with every Superstar membership purchased. An exclusive Callie's Picks collection was also released, with clothing items from across all 10 years of Stardoll, such as the Oscars Inspired Gown from 2010. Various competitions on Stardoll's Instagram, Facebook and website were held to celebrate the occasion. A 10 Year Bear was sent to all suites, and when clicked on, redirected the user to the 10 Year Anniversary page on the Stardoll website. On the last day of the 10 Year Anniversary, Stardoll released a quiz with one final gift for all users who got every answer correct.


10 surprises or 'gifts' were released in total, with one sent out per day to represent each year since Stardoll's creation.

  1. Stardoll is officially opened in March 2006. Clicking on the 2006 icon rewarded users with the Simone Rocha Inspired Dress.
  2. In 2007, Stardoll introduced make-up. Clicking on the 2007 icon rewarded users with Pretty Purple Eyeshadow for their Beauty Parlor.
  3. Stardoll introduced their social media pages for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on the 2008 icon opened up a short quiz. Answering the question provided users with a Starcoin prize.
  4. Clicking on the 2009 icon redirected users to an Instagram competition. The best dressed entries were selected to be featured on the 10 Years of Stardoll page. Users who entered were rewarded with a Shoulder Jumpsuit.
  5. In 2010, the first Miss Stardoll World competition was announced. Clicking on the 2010 icon rewarded users with Giant Flower Diamonds, which was a necklace.
  6. Stardoll reached 100 million members in 2011. Clicking on the 2011 icon redirected users to the Party page, encouraging users to make Chat Rooms using the '10 Years of Stardoll' background. Random chat rooms were selected to be visited by Callie.Stardoll and other staff members.
  7. Achievements were released for the first time. Starting on the 15th of April 2016, a brand new achievement titled 'Together 10Ever' is released for users with 10 year old accounts. Clicking on the 2012 icon opened up another short quiz, with Starcoins as a prize for getting the correct answer.
  8. The Vote is released. Clicking on the 2013 icon redirected users to a Contest Page, asking them to enter the contest. All users who entered the contest received a giftbag in their suite.
  9. The Spotlight contest is released. Clicking on the 2014 icon rewarded Superstar members with a pair of striped tights when submitting a photo to the Spotlight.
  10. This section is a celebration of Stardoll's social media pages. Clicking on the 2015 icon redirected users to Stardoll's Twitter page, and asked users to enter a contest for the chance to win Stardollars. Users were asked to create an outfit using the Shoulder Jumpsuit that was given to users for free from the 2009 icon, and submit it through Twitter.
  11. This section was a celebration of Stardoll's journey and how it has grown the past 10 years. Clicking on the 2016 icon redirected users to a contest page with a quiz featuring 5 questions regarding Stardoll's history. Users who correctly answered all the questions received a pair of zig-zag tights in their suite.